Connecting Offline Sales Data with Your Website

Introducing Order Viewer – Your Gateway to Engage and Inform Website Visitors!

Ever wondered how to captivate your website audience with what's trending on your menu? Order Viewer is the answer. We're developing a streamlined process that enables you to effortlessly share the latest customer orders and popular items on your website, giving your visitors a glimpse of what's hot and what they are missing out on!

How does Order Viewer work?

Order Viewer uses an application programming interface (API) and embedded HTML code on your website. An API call seamlessly connects to your point of sale system, such as Square or Toast, to retrieve real-time sales data. HTML code is specifically designed for your website to dynamically showcase what customers are currently savoring in your restaurant, coffee shop, or bakery using the data that was returned via the API.

The Results

Social proof which drives more business. Using an Order Viewer creates social proof by showing what other customers are purchasing in your restaurant, coffee shop, or bakery. Social proof is a powerful tool in marketing that can help increase sales by building trust with potential customers. This results in website visitors being converted into customers that are placing their own orders!

Data Privacy Assurance

None of your transaction data using this solution is stored by Didataly or any other 3rd party vendor except your point of sale vendor. The data is only used to dynamically display your last customer's order and the most sought-after menu items, respecting your privacy and data security.

Engage your audience and boost your sales effortlessly with an Order Viewer!


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