Welcome to Didataly...

I'm Chris, the founder of Didataly. My goal is to help startups and small businesses stop guessing and to start growing using data.

What does Didataly mean?

Didataly comes from no diddle daddle. It's a second perspective on business with a focus on data so that we don't waste time.

My Background:

I have 16 years of experience as a Senior Business Analyst in the Financial Services industry, and I've successfully built a six-figure e-commerce business apart from Didataly LLC. I hold an MBA, a Master's degree in New Product Management, and a Master's Certification in Business Analytics from the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). I'm also Google Analytics Certified.


I'll be publishing free tutorials and answering questions on Youtube, plus I'll be publishing helpful material on Facebook, LinkedIn, and here.


Big Bend, Wisconsin.

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Helping startups and small businesses stop guessing and start growing with data.


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